Sep 022016

It has been decided that ALL FEES for 2017 will stay at the 2015/2016 prices instead of putting them up and then giving discount.

This includes all the activities and hiring of equipment (even the free ones ho ho ho!!!). Click on the catergory page: “Corf Information” for fees etc. and then on the page titled “New Fees – Guides and Non Island Scouts” or “New Fees – Island Scouts” or “New Fees – Others (this means groups which has a youth section).

You can book through Sarah Kingswell – email address or telephone 01983 524416.

Just a reminder that Corf Scout Campsite opens for camping each year on 1st April or Easter, which ever comes first, ’til 31st October and the Pack Holiday Centre and Kitchen ’til 30th November.

So be really keen and book for 2017!!!

See you soon

Barrie – Corf Scout Campsite Warden


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Mar 032016


Thanks to the help of three of our Commissioners I am pleased to announce that the class of water on the Corf Lake (Commonly known to all Island Scouts as “The Creek”) is back to Class “C” waters as indicated on the map. Please read POR class of waters for full recommendations.

As you can see from the map, which can be found and downloaded from the “Downloads and Information” page, has many really excellent campsites within Corf of which many have not been booked. So there is still time to browse this website to see what we can offer on site, around our beautiful Island and book for your camp this year and 2017.

From Corf it is only half an hour to drive anywhere on the Island and that is without Jason Button driving!!!

Sarah Kingswell our booking Secretary will be pleased to hear from you soon on email address:

Click here for map – Corf Campsite map-jan2016 (2) (1)

Barrie – Corf Scout Campsite Warden



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A New Addition to Corf!

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Mar 082013

Hey Guys!!!

A new addition to the Corf Scout Campsite.

The Richard Crabtree Obstacle Course (above) was built by students and staff from The Perse Expedition Society (The Perce School), Cambridge. They asked me if there was a project they could put to-gether for  our young people to use and as we had ideas of a low level assault course I asked if they could construct this for us. To my amazement they said yes of course (excuse the pun) we can. The name was later changed to “Obstacle Course” for obvious reasons.

When they came and camped on Corf for 10 days in July they made it part of their program to construct. A lot of hard work was put into the contruction as it was thought as going to be easy but instead of clay soil it had rock that had to be removed to allow the upright posts to be fitted. The actual project was completed at approximately 19.30 hours the day before they were going to return home.

I would just like to thank, with everyone in Scouting on the Island, The Perse School for all their effort and time in the construction of this project.

The Richard Crabtree Ostacle Course is for our young people to use from the age of 8 years and over to the under 18s with adult supervision up to the age of 14. You can imagine asking a 15 to 18 and under year olds to have adult supervision (you can imagine what the answer would be???? I swiftly move on) So basically it is for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to use. This has also to be booked for use, but it is free of charge, through Sarah Kingswell please.

Barrie Price

Corf Scout Campsite Warden


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